11-30-09 Put Hoses Away

Don’t forget to put your garden hoses away for the winter.

If you leave those garden hoses hooked up over winter you can cause major damage not only to the hose but more importantly to the piping where the hose is connected.

What happens is the water will freeze and expand but the copper pipe won’t and the pipe will crack. This can be a real problem next spring when you turn on the water again or it thaws because it can leak in the house behind the outside wall. A little time spent now will save you major headaches in the spring.

I also like to drain the water out of the garden hoses and put them away so they won’t freeze and crack during the winter. Remove all the hose off the reel and lay them out on the lawn or driveway as straight as possible. Start on one end and lift the hose over your head, hand over hand, working your way to the other end allowing the water to drain out the other open end. Put the hose back on the reel and you have no water left to freeze in the hose and you can store them for next gardening season.

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