07-03-09 Getting blue hydrangea blossoms

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Mary Morrison of West Chicago has an interesting method she uses to make her hydrangea blossoms blue.

Mary always wanted a blue hydrangea so one day a few years back she was at the Meyer Landscaping garden store of West Chicago and picked up one. The people at the store told her that in order to get blue color she would have to treat the soil with this stuff to get blue blossoms because the soil in our area has to much lime in it. So she tried it but it didn’t work for her and she was getting the typical white blossoms. Then a gardener friend told her to try the following method.

Mary pushed in about 5 or 6 sixteen-penny nails in the ground around the roots of the plant. Then she also put the bows of her Christmas wreath and needles from her Christmas tree under the scrub as mulch for the roots.

Mary’s been using this method for the last two years and as you can see in the picture she has been getting great results.

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